A trip to remember- Explore North Goa!

Goa is a place for beaches and nightlife. People around the world are attracted to Goa and have it on their bucket list. One simple reason is the fresh breeze, commendable hospitality, and the mesmerizing view. It is a place to shop, eat, dance, celebrate, and play water sports—ideal for the bachelors and people who want to enjoy themselves thoroughly. Zero pollution and easy connectivity, Goa is all about holiday time.  

Explore North Goa with our vision! 

A place where you can find the famous beach list. Yes, just not one or two but a complete list of different beaches with a fantastic vibe and additional facilities to pamper your lazy self. You can begin your journey with Baga Beach, which has a significant coastline and a lot of crowds to see. You will not feel alone and will be entirely into the fun zone of the beach. The quietest and sophisticated beach is Calangute and Arambul beach, ideal for quality time.  

During your trip, you need to visit sweet water lake, a place to enjoy your time entirely and sooth your eyes with pleasure. Never miss a chance to explore the nightlife, a rare sight, and a golden opportunity to relive your teenage time. The music and open sky together make it a night to remember. You can dance, eat and celebrate with your trip buddies. Get your dancing shoes ready for the most fantastic time of your life. Goa is a place to explore, enjoy and make beautiful memories.  

While being in north Goa, find the world-class cuisine at Tito’s Lane. A place that is ideal for dinner and to enjoy the best music along with some delicious delicacies. One trip to Goa, and you will lose your heart to the place. Do not forget to get some Goa Cashews as they have a very delicious flavour. Readily available around the city at any Cashew store or general store. Plan your trip wisely and have a few free days. You need to absorb all the goodness and make memories along with it.  

Holiday time is always peaceful and mesmerizing for people who love to utilize and visit a new place. If you have never been to Goa, we have some essential information to guide you for a fantastic trip. If you have been and are planning to revisit, we have suggestions that will make it the most incredible time of your life. An ideal trip can be for 3-4 days. You can visit and re-visit the beaches with your travel partner. 

Beaches and more... 

Baga Beach

Goa is all about the beach and nightlife. But apart from being a romantic destination, it has unique attractions like water sports, shopping harts and delicious food. Everything is available near or on the beach. Begin your trip with Baga Beach, the heart of Goa which is overcrowded during the weekends. It has to be the place to enjoy every water sport, including air parasailing—a place for your candid clicks and some world-class food on your plates. 

Calangute Beach


Calangute is the next one which will offer you a street to shop and a fantastic view of high tides. You can lay down, play with sand or get into the water. It is not overly crowded at any point in time unless there is some event or special celebration. Goa celebrates every evening in class with good music and a fantastic vibe. A short walk from your accommodation to the beach can fill you up with confidence, and it is a unique place to jam with similar souls.  

Arambol Beach

Arambol is the one fantastic beach that has a very positive vibe, an incredible sunset and a great place to feel in your skin. While travelling from one coast to another, do not miss out on gazing at the fantastic greenery of this place. You will be attracted towards the Casino, but please be cautious as it is suitable for people comfortable with older men who are acting like single and burning their wealth.  


Goa is the perfect spot for people who admire beautiful waves and pleasant weather. India has many places to feed your soul with positivity and satisfaction. Goa stands out among the most amazing places in India. You can be anywhere around the globe and quickly fly to this beautiful land of diversity and joyful vibes. Goa welcomes its guest via airport and railway station. To route this land of peaceful beaches, you can board a flight from any domestic or international airport and land at Dabolim airport in Vasco D’Gama. Those who love to opt for the railway network can reach Margao Railway station as their last stop. 

The best way to reach Goa is via airline as it is the quickest and hassle accessible. A person willing to start the trip with minimum flight hours can quickly get here through Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, or any other big city having direct flights to Goa. The land view from the airplane is exotic in itself, and you can see the deep ocean and one island looking splendid from miles away. 

Popular places for a luxurious stay in Goa

Dabolim airport is connected to all the parts of this union territory. People address in general parts of Goa as North Goa, South Goa, East Goa, and West Goa. Exploring them all within a week is not a big deal. But what makes it interesting is the property chosen for this memorable time. If you plan to visit North Goa, you can choose any property. The Baga Beach Resort, Hotel Calangute, Pousada Donaciana are highly recommended for the ideal stay. 

Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and Dresses

The way we dress is a reflection of who we are and always says a great deal about our personality! Also, dressing well can leave an everlasting impact on people. Dresses and skirts are the most common choice for women when dressing up. However, the different fits and designs can make choosing the right dress or skirt for a particular occasion, a difficult choice to make. When choosing your outfit, you must keep three things in mind - occasion, weather, and your body type.

Dalhousie- The Little Switzerland of India

Dalhousie- The Little Switzerland of India

Dalhousie also has various beautiful tourist spots in and around. The most popular is Khajjiar. Khajjiar is a small town located 20kms from Dalhousie and is famous for its lush green meadows surrounding a beautiful small lake. It is great for a day's visit to spend some time relaxing in the meadows or for enjoying horse-riding or paragliding.

Jaisalmer-a golden city of joy, bravery and royalty

Jaisalmer-a golden city of joy, bravery and royalty

The ‘Golden City’, Jaisalmer is a beautiful city in Rajasthan, India having derived this name due to the yellow sandstone available in abundance in the area.Another beautiful landmark in Jaisalmer is the serene Gadisar Lake, situated on the outskirts of the city. One can sit on the banks of the lake to just watch the lake, look at the birds or opt for boating.



Udaipur is the City of lakes and Royalty. Rajasthan has given Indian ideal places to attract tourists and help them witness the rich culture, high-standard hospitality and places that perfectly reflect the country's history.