Eat Finest Delicacies on your platter, Mouth-watering Sikkimese cuisine.

Wondering where did that pleasant glow and glass-like skin come from? The answer is simple: Sikkimese cuisine is rich in flavors and taste, giving good health in and reflecting perfectly out. A long list can be framed out if we discuss the Mouth-watering Sikkimese cuisine. Let's get started with the most delicious and popular dishes readily available while you visit Sikkim. 

  1. Momos: The most popular dumpling of the nation is originated in Sikkim. Yes, your favorite momos originated in Tibet but have a better modification in Sikkim.  
  2. Thukpa: The second most popular dish of Sikkim is Thukpa, a perfect noodle soup to get you started with your day. It is readily available in almost every food counter in Sikkim. 
  3. Phagshapa: A rich delicacy having dry chilies and pork fat as important content. It is famously available in Sikkim and can be enjoyed at any food joint.  
  4. Sha Phaley: Popularly known as spring roll in North India, it is an excellent Indian snack filled with cabbage and other vegetables. But Sha Phaley has ground beef, and it makes a big difference compared to spring roll as it is usually a veg option.  
  5. Sinki: A perfect example of good fermented food. It is high in oxidants and will help you feel good about the dish's overall taste.  
  6. Kinema: It is a veg delight instead of a very delicious dish rich in multi-vitamins. Prepared with soya bean and rice. A perfect  
    Dal Bhat: A well-balanced meal that can keep your stomach full for a while. Prepared with the help of rice and lentil. An ideal Indian meal with a unique flavour of Sikkim. 
  7. Dhindo: An excellent healthy meal for vegetarians, a tasty delight to hop on during your trip to Sikkim. It is readily available in the restaurant and is one of the most authentic dishes. 

You can try them quickly without giving a second thought. Every dish mentioned above is delicious and has a unique taste, and Sikkim is one stop to try Tibetian delight with a good mix of Nepalese delicacies. 

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