Andaman & Nicobar Islands : A perfect blue water retreat

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the jewels of the Indian subcontinent. The archipelago that is located in the east of the Indian mainland geographically is famous for its natural beauty, wildlife, and crystal clear blue waters. Only a few islands in the archipelago are inhabited and are home to world-famous beaches that are a major tourist attraction.
When visiting the islands, one can stay at Port Blair, which is also the capital of the Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Cellular Jail

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are famous for their role in serving as a jail for prisoners during the Indian struggle for independence. During India’s independence struggle, famous Indian activists were imprisoned at the colonial Cellular Jail located in Port Blair, because of which the islands came to be known as ‘Kaala Paani’ or ‘Black Water’. The jail has been turned into a museum now and one can see the dark yet glorious chapter of the Indian struggle for independence through the famous light and sound show that is held every evening at the Cellular Jail now for tourists.

Carbyn’s cove beach

Other than this Port Blair is famous for its beautiful beaches. One of the most popular ones is Carbyn’s Cove Beach. Situated approximately 6 km away from Port Blair, this beach is reef-free and is ideal for swimming and sun-basking. It also offers many sports activities such as Jet Ski rides, Scuba Diving, and speed boat rides. Due to these reasons, this has become one of the most popular beaches in the region.

Wandoor Beach

The best part about visiting Andaman & Nicobar islands is that one is spoiled for choice for beautiful beaches and locations. Being an archipelago, one can visit multiple islands and beaches in one trip itself. One can begin their trip in Andaman & Nicobar Islands from the capital city of Port Blair. In order to do so, one can visit the Wandoor beach which is an off-beat beach situated slightly in a remote area accessible by road. But its location makes it worthwhile to come here as it offers the longest shoreline in Port Blair and is also a serene place to just relax, do some sunbathing or enjoy swimming in the shallow waters of the beach. It is best to visit this beach for a quiet time away from the crowds.

Ross & North Bay Island

If you wish to explore the island farther from Port Blair, two of the most famous locations in the area are Ross Islands and North Bay Islands. It is easy to cover both the islands on a single day as both are open for tourists only for day trips. If you are in the mood for some adventure, you can head over to Ross Islands and if you are looking for some quiet time North Bay Islands would be the best option for you. The islands are about 10-15 minutes away from Port Blair, but one would need a ferry ride to reach there.

North Bay island is a small island that offers the best scuba diving and water sports experience in the region. It is famous for its coral belt and underwater diversity and hence is one of the best locations to scuba dive.
But, if you wish for a more relaxed trip and love a bit of history, don’t forget to visit Ross Island, which has remnants of former British settlements and the ruins of a church. However, the island is teeming with fauna and peacocks, birds and deers are a common sight on this island.

Neil Island

Moving from Port Blair, do not forget to visit one of the most picturesque islands of the region - Neil Island. Located about 37 km away from Port Blair, one can reach the island by ferry or a helicopter ride. It is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. You can either visit the tranquil Bharatpur beach located about 500 meters from the Neil Island jetty, this beach is famous for its crystal clear blue waters and white sand. One can spend a lazy day relaxing on this picturesque beach or enjoy swimming or scuba diving. If you feel hungry, the beach has many street vendors who offer scrumptious food. This beach is also famous for its sunrise, the best time for watching which is 5:00 AM in the morning

Laxamanpur & Bharatpur Beaches

Neil Islands is one of the most beautiful islands in the Andaman & Nicobar group of Islands. Neil Island in itself has many beaches. But Lakshmanpur Beach 1 is known to be the best beach on this Island. This beach is located on the western side of the island, appx. 2.6 km away from the island jetty.

The spectacular beach is lined with tropical trees offering some greenery as a background, white sands, and a beautiful view of the sea. The clear and deep blue color of the sea adds to the beauty of the view. However, the water currents here are slightly high and this is not an ideal beach for swimming unless you are an expert. There are no water sports here either for the same reason. Which, in a way, makes one just spend some time relaxing and taking in the beautiful view of the beach. There are also some eateries on the beach, so one can also enjoy some good food while on the beach.

This beach location is ideal for clicking some Insta-worthy pictures and spending some tranquil time. Near this beach is the Lakshmanpur Beach No. 2, one of the most beautiful features near this beach is the natural bridge, formed by water cutting through rocks. This natural phenomenon is a great location for clicking some interesting pictures. Other than this, one can just trek and explore the area on foot. Being a popular tourist destination, Neil Island also has many hotels and resorts, and one can easily spend a day or two on this island, enjoying the natural beauty of this place.

Havelock Island

The most popular Island among the young ones, this small Island is on the top of list of newly married couples, with its calm and peaceful environment it is a perfect honeymoon destination. Radhananagar beach is among the cleanest beach here, one can enjoy a beautiful sunrise at Kalapathar beach here and Elephant Beach is known for water sports. Anyone who is planning for andamans then Havelock is a must visit destination.

If you are at Havelock then wake up early and get ready for a beautiful sunrise ate Kalpathar beach have your breakfast and move towards Elephant beach to for tracking and water sports and complete your day with a breathtaking and picture perfect sunset at Radhanagar beach.

Reaching Andamans

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the most sought-after beach destinations of India. Port Blair is the capital city and has the only commercial airport in the region - Veer Savarkar International Airport, making it the only entry and exit point for the islands. One can access the many beaches and destinations from Port Blair through either road or using ferries.

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Dalhousie- The Little Switzerland of India

Dalhousie- The Little Switzerland of India

Dalhousie also has various beautiful tourist spots in and around. The most popular is Khajjiar. Khajjiar is a small town located 20kms from Dalhousie and is famous for its lush green meadows surrounding a beautiful small lake. It is great for a day's visit to spend some time relaxing in the meadows or for enjoying horse-riding or paragliding.