Dapoli, A place to dive into the beauty of the divine.

An ideal trip for your weekend with your loved ones is possible, and you can visit the prominent attraction near Dapoli. Ratnagiri is an authentic Maharasthra place; let’s peep inside the culture and traditional values. Dapoli is just an extension to the same. Enjoy your free time with your friends and family by planning a 2- or 3-days trip to this beautiful place. 

Maharashtra has a hidden history of Indian culture; Dapoli is located in the Ratnagiri district of the state and has multiple exquisite locations to amaze you. Beginning your trip with the visit to almighty at Ganpati Pule Temple. A fine sculpture has beautiful stonework to offer a calming effect. The temple is well maintained by authorities and looks newly built, and surprisingly it is just 50km from Dapoli. The breathtaking view of the Konkan Belt in the Western Ghats has the beaches and the lush green forest to calm your hustle.  

Peaceful beaches and the sunset 

People love to see the coming waves and enjoy the melodious voice of the waves when they hit the beach. The beautiful range of beaches at Dapoli includes Kelshi Beach, Kolthare Beach, and Divegar beach. Within one day of the planned trip, you can visit all three coasts and enjoy the sunset at the Diveagar beach. A beautiful moment to witness and enjoy the calming sun and welcome the soothing moon. The view of the sky is gorgeous and gives the feel of eternal peace to the visitors. You can have the best clicks during your visit to the beaches, a perfect background for ideal portraits. 

Temples to visit while visiting Dapoli 

The list should start with Ganpati Pule Temple and should include the Keshav Raj temple. A perfect time to offer prayers with a calming self, your daily hustle doesn’t let you pray with the utmost justice. Spend a good few hours and connect to the almighty in the most peaceful place. You can feel the sudden positivity and freshness after completing your visit. A memorable trip to Dapoli will be satisfied with the visit to the Keshav Raj temple.

Private Beaches Near Dapoli, Maharashtra, For A Peaceful Visit.

The word Beach means Goa to many people who are unaware of the places with the cleanest beaches to give the natural feel of a beach. A place that is not a centre of the market and food stalls but a favourable site to enjoy nature at its best. Memories in the making are the new feel of such beaches away from the limelight, a place to witness the natural beauty and aroma of such a magnetic place.  

Diveragar beach

Diveragar Beach is an ideal place to spend your private time with near and dear ones. A place to enjoy the sand and water waves. Maharashtra is a perfect place for enjoying the sea and Beach. A fantastic view that will make the ideal background for your memorable souvenir. Diveragar Beach is the spot for people who want a Beach just for themselves away from the rush and offering the musical sound of waves.     

Kelshi beach

Kelshi Beach is a breathtaking place as soon as you cross the lush Greenland of Ratnagiri. A place for your weekend gateway. Best suitable for the people who love and adore picnic spots away from the spotlights. A place to spend quality time with your friends and family. Kelshi Beach is one which you should not be missing as it is the most attractive Beach spot in the state of Maharashtra. 

 Kolthare beach

Kolthare Beach is famous for its viral drone view. The place has attractive spots that make the best backdrops for your gorgeous photos. It is highly recommended for fashion photoshoots and to take endless pictures while exploring the beautiful Beach. A visit to Dapoli should include a visit to Kolthare beach. It is one of its kind and is welcoming tourists around the world to get the fresh breeze.  

All the above beaches are not having any rush of humans, just a rush of waves to give you a glimpse of the power of the Indian Ocean. One visit, and you will fall for it.  

Essential details to reach and enjoy Dapoli 

Dapoli is a hidden treasure, away from the daily rush, and has the magnetic beauty of mother Earth. A place where you can visit numerous attractions and spend quality time with your family or friends. You can reach Dapoli by road-route or by en-route train. The highly recommended one is to go for the train and enjoy the route that offers mesmerizing beauty. A natural vibe is created with a few hour journeys.  

Few essential pieces of information when you plan to visit Dapoli: 

  • The nearest airport to Dapoli is Mumbai Airport. 
  • The ideal time to visit is from November to march.
  • You can reach Dapoli from Goa as well. 
  • Konkan railways will give an mesmerizing experience

A soulful holiday time is waiting for you at the most enchanting place to witness a rush-free life. The place has numerous sight-seeing options and beaches to calm your hustle. The possible places to make your stay hassle-free entirely are Vihang Hotel & Resort, Lotus A Eco Beach Resort, and The Fern Samali Resort. You can choose any one among them and spend a 3days and 2-night stay at Dapoli. 

Holiday time is precious to everyone, and when you can plan to visit a completely new place, it turns into lifetime memories. Dapoli is one of the places in Maharashtra, India, gaining popularity as people are getting aware of the attractions, places to visit, activities to enjoy, and cuisines to enjoy. A journey that can begin from any big city will end up in this small district having world-class facilities to make you feel comfortable and offer eternal peace.  

The curious soul needs a break, and what better than visiting a place that is away from your routine and is just read to offer you a chance to offer prayers and enjoy the beach time with your close net. Plan a trip to Dapoli and unlock the real fun with your loved ones. The place will surprise you with its beauty and warm welcoming; visit the city's center and explore their root culture.