East India comprises a land filled with greenery, snow-capped mountains, delicious delicacies, and views that compel you to gaze at Sikkim- the purest form of nature. If you are planning to discover this place, this will be one of the most memorable journeys. There are more than seven destinations in Sikkim that can make you switch to this place and enjoy the positivity of Mother Earth at its best form. Let's uncover them together. 


Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and the most famous Buddhist site for devotees and peace practitioners. You can enjoy Ganesh Tok, Enchey Monastery, Do Drul Chorten Rumtek Monastery, Tashi viewpoints, and many other places where clouds pass next to you. The ideal time to witness it is where magic feels authentic, from March to May. The city will be filled with rich aroma and pleasant fragrance. It is an ideal hill stop to kill the summer heat and soak in the moderate temperature to enjoy nature's beauty. Please be prepared with your warmers and jackets as the temperature ranges between 15°C to 6°C. 


Test your potential and plan a trekking to Golechala trek. It is all worth it. The view you will be witnessing will comprise more than ten mountain peaks. The enormous range of the Himalayas can be seen as an ideal place for taking that iconic shot. If the timing chosen by you falls between the ideal one we just suggested, then you will be able to breathe in the fragrance of Rhododendron Forest. The pink and red flowers will be getting your attention without even trying for the same. The best part is Samiti Lake, and it is a perfect takeaway from your journey.  
The journey you initiate can become longer as you have decided to trek. Would you please check your available days and free timeline to enjoy it without hassle or concern? A lot more beyond words is waiting for you at this magnetic place, Sikkim.

Home to the highest lakes

Sikkim is home to the highest lakes in the world and welcoming towards tourists. A place to enjoy adventurous trekking, beautiful sight seeking, and fun activities. A person who aims to visit and enroute this capital needs to be very active and enthusiastic about the challenges faced during trekking and weather change. All is worth it as this is the ideal spot to find the inner voice and abide goodbye to pollution. A land of lush green forest on one end and highest mountain peak view on the other, discover Sikkim with our eyes. 
While planning your Itinerary to uncover the land of possibilities, you cannot miss the three crucial places that make them the most visited place in the state. They are: 


Beginning with the most exciting thing, we are here with the best five suggestive attractions that you cannot afford to miss. A constant regret will be there to avoid it
A place that is considered holy for Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs; perfect for the people of Indian origin to get spiritual connectivity with the lands of native. It is the highest lake in the world and is a beautiful place to gaze and relax. Ideal for the soul to talk with your best mate and just gel into the vibe of positivity and completion.  


An ideal place to check your boundaries. It is the one trek that can last up to thirty days due to the weather conditions. It is not a cakewalk and needs physical and mental ability to complete the targeted trek. You can start the journey from Gangtok or Pelling as these are the closest places. Before starting the trip, one must be aware of the Kanchenjunga expedition period and available days.


A place to experience the beautiful valleys and snow-filled mountains. Scenery serendipity is felt being in a magical land without any human intervention. Nature is a blessing, and it is undoubtedly supposed to absorb such a view in our eyes.  
The above destinations are best suitable for a young and energetic group of people and partners—a place to create lifetime memories and capture yourself in the best photo frames made by mother Earth.  

Home of beautifull valleys

Sikkim is a place for people who love to witness nature and beautiful valleys with naked eyes. The precious free days are excellent for making memories, and we will help you make them the best memories you can cherish for a lifetime. While planning your trip, the first three places that should be highlighted as must-visit are Nathula Pass and Tsomgo Lake. The popularity of these places is unmatched, and so is the joy to feel them in reality. The feeling of patriotism and happiness to conquer a trek is odd. Abide goodbye to the toxic metro life and give yourself the fresh, natural breeze.  


Did you read about the Silk Route in your history book? You can see the iconic place that connected India and China. You cannot go to China the same as things are not operating after the war. But there are many more things you can do like enjoy the journey. The snow-capped surroundings are essential for the gaze. The place has a mesmerizing view that can be absorbed while covering the Nathula Pass during your visit.  


The frozen lake compels you to ice skate, but it is not recommended due to the unavailability of security measures. Discover the beauty of Tsomgo Lake and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings. A perfect backdrop for your picture. It is a complete illusion for someone who has never seen snow or a glacial lake.  


You can sit for hours and soak in the view. It is the most beautiful nature’s delight for people exploring Sikkim. It is considered one of the most visited places in Sikkim and is a visual treat for visitors. Blue Sheeps can be witnessed at this exotic place by nature.  
Sikkim is a treat for travel enthusiasts, and you can try new cuisines available during your journey. The food available here is rich and aromatic in the true sense. People around the globe are drawn towards this place to fill themselves with adventure and enthusiasm.  

Ideal place to live your life to fullest

Sikkim is the ideal place to live your life to the fullest during your holiday time. People are looking for that constant thrive on pumping themselves up with confidence and feeling alive. A sense of relief is achieved instantly as soon as you visit a place like Pelling. Well, there can be none another place than Pelling to challenge yourself and enjoy the time spent in Sikkim. Many destinations are present here, and you can explore them one by one and absorb the beauty of this place. 

Five most prominent attractions of Pelling :-

Beginning with the most exciting thing, we are here with the best five suggestive attractions that you cannot afford to miss. A constant regret will be there to avoid it. We are here with an exclusive list of the most prominent attractions of Pelling. 

  1.  Pelling shywalk-India's first skywalk is here in Pelling. Yes, it is the place to enjoy the experience of life—a perfectly built area with complete glass flooring. You can walk and enjoy the height of the glass walk.  
  2. Khecheopalri Lake- A religious place that can soothe your soul with the luck of the site. An iconic view of the lake alongside the lush green forest. A dense place to question yourself and enjoy the blessings of almighty.  
  3. Darap Cherny Village- A place to pamper yourself in the lush green valley with a beautiful view to gaze at, a place to eat authentic Sikkimese food. The Limboo community can be seen closely in this village, and you can dive into the beauty of birdwatching. 
  4. Kanchenjunga Waterfall- A unique site and offers an illusionistic view of the waterfall. At a glance, you may assume the water is milky white, and it is majorly due to the speed of the waterfall.  
  5. Pemayangtse Monastery- A place to enjoy the authentic Buddhist culture and the inner feel of peace and calmness. Built-in the 17th century, it is made with beautiful color combinations and regular prayers and musical offerings for you.

Dedicate a week to Sikkim and enjoy the offerings of Pelling in precise. It has so much more to offer, come and witness with your loved ones. 

Travel around the world in fashionable skirts

Travel around the world in fashionable skirts

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Eat Finest Delicacies on your platter, Mouth-watering Sikkimese cuisine.

Eat Finest Delicacies on your platter, Mouth-watering Sikkimese cuisine.

Wondering where did that pleasant glow and glass-like skin come from? The answer is simple: Sikkimese cuisine is rich in flavors and taste, giving good health in and reflecting perfectly out. A long list can be framed out if we discuss the Mouth-watering Sikkimese cuisine. Let's get started with the most delicious and popular dishes readily available while you visit Sikkim.

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